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Inspection, not a job, a way of life

After over 25 years of inspection which included...
Factory Final Inspector at the Volkswagen Plant in Puebla Mexico
8 years as Volkswagen Director of Inspection for the West Coast of the United States.
5 years of Aircraft inspection with LTV Aircraft on Boeing 747's,757's,767's.
I wanted something new, and Home Inspection was the next step.

I believe that I bring a much needed critical eye to a industry that at times is in need of one.
I am a graduate of AHIT, The #1 Home Inspector Training School in the country, passing with a
perfect score on my final exam.
I work for you to find issues that might affect you in the days after your purchase, to years after
your purchase.
Top to Bottom, inside and Out, with current knowledge and training of the latest code changes and
what to look for.

Let me provide you with the service you deserve and the integrity you need on your purchase of a
home. Usually the largest purchase you make in your life.
Make sure its done right.